What Is Custom CMS Development ?

A content management system (CMS) is computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content (content management). A CMS is typically used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM)

What is Custom CMS Features ?

Creating and editing content

As a minimum requirement, your CMS should let you easily create, edit, and publish content. The easier it is to use, the more time you’ll have to concentrate on your strategy

Workflows, reporting, and content organization

Are there a lot of people involved in producing your content? Make sure your CMS can track the details of your content from start to finish, from authoring, editing, and approval to publication, promotion, and reporting.

The ability to customize and control workflows within your CMS will help everyone work together smoothly and stay on track with deadlines. And with features like intelligent reporting tools and dashboards, you’ll be able to keep tabs on different categories of content, like content that’s awaiting approval and content per topic.

If you often make urgent updates to your content, look for a CMS with strong organizational functionality, like link management, so that your content is automatically accessible even as it moves around or changes on your site.

User and role-based administration

Having control over who can access content and features will help you prevent mistakes. Choose a CMS with customizable user administration, including room to expand as your needs change.

Ensuring your chosen solution allows for role-based rights will help you scale as you grow, as it enables you to manage access for groups of people instead of individuals.


Imagine this: you’ve worked hard to refine your digital strategy and build personalized relationships with your customers, only to wake up one day to discover there’s been a security breach. Protecting your data and your customers’ data will help you retain trust in the products and services you offer.

Some CMSs integrate with strong authentication mechanisms to beef up security and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Make sure your CMS integrates well with your chosen enterprise security provider or third-party authentication systems.

Multichannel scalability

Delivering content to many different channels, devices, and interfaces can mean a lot of work — unless you have a headless CMS that helps you do that efficiently.

A headless CMS separates content from its presentation. Content is created once, then rendered on any device or channel.

Certain CMSs let you create your content once and deliver it anywhere. Others make it easy to add new channels and simply load your existing content onto them. If your organization is looking to reach customers across many digital channels, prioritizing multichannel scalability features is a smart move.

Multilingual content capabilities

Before the digital revolution, marketers struggled to deliver their message far and wide. Digital marketing allows you to skip across borders and expand your customer base with ease. But no matter how great your message is or how easily you can deliver it, you won’t reach your audience if you’re not speaking their language — literally.

If you currently serve an international audience or expect to in the near future, make sure you choose a CMS that supports multilingual editing tools and intuitive translation workflows. Laws surrounding digital information and privacy vary from country to country, so you’ll want to look for a CMS with information governance controls that comply with local regulations where your customers live.

Flexibility, scalability, and performance

Your CMS is a long-term investment. Make sure your CMS is scalable enough to grow with your business. Some CMSs offer more flexibility than others, supporting an extensible range of APIs so you can do more with your content across different channels and devices.

Generally, you can either run your CMS from your own servers or on the cloud. A cloud-hosted CMS can speed up your time to market and also give you the agility you wouldn’t otherwise have to handle traffic spikes and changing demand.

Personalization and analytics

The future of digital marketing lies in building personalized, relevant experiences for your customers, no matter how they choose to interact with you. To do this, you need a CMS that can collect and process interaction data in real time, and help you interpret that data to understand where your customers are in their buying journey. With that information, you can then show them content that’s personalized to their situation.

Content and commerce integration

With customers expecting more from their online experiences, it’s almost impossible to do e-commerce now without connecting it to appealing content. If you need a CMS for both e-commerce and digital marketing, there’s a whole subset of specific features to look for.

A single-pane-of-glass interface will help you unify disparate sources of data in one place. Additional features like seamless and adaptable inventory management, next-step automation, and easy integration with payment, shipping, and tax providers will help you bring a simple shopping experience to your customers. 

CMS Platforms

Open-Source Technologies

We implement customizable features, modules, plugins, and extensions within existing CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and  sitecore  to optimize workflows.

We utilize open-source technologies like Javascript, PHP, Angular.js, and HTML5 to develop your custom CMS solution to enable workflow management and maintain content.

Custom CMS Development

CMS Development Services

Our CMS developers are highly proficient in building and customizing CMS solutions for all types of industries. Whether you’re looking for a custom CMS platform like WordPress, our talented team of developers can deliver exactly what you need.

CMS Integrations

We integrate a wide variety of essential plugins, extensions, and tools within your existing CMS solutions and business systems for a more streamlined approach to your workflows, designed to maximize efficiency and boost your ROI.

CMS Application Development

Our CMS development specialists utilize the latest technologies and industry trends to deliver SEO-optimized, user-friendly, and customizable CMS applications to improve your digital marketing efforts and enable workflow management at low costs.

CMS Migration

Along with updating and redesigning your website, we’ll perform a website migration to improve website loading speed, move away from outdated platforms, utilize HTTPS protocols, and allow your website to handle larger amounts of traffic.

CMS Plugin Development

Whether you’re looking for drag-and-drop buttons, customizable themes, or integrated SEO-boosting modules, our CMS experts can develop and implement several effective plugins to enable you to add new features and make changes at any time.

CMS Support & Maintenance

Our team of dedicated CMS programmers performs performance tuning, CMS architecture, caching, testing, SEO, and database query optimization to offer temporary support and maintenance of your custom CMS solution, website, or application.

Custom CMS Solutions

We offer flexible, customizable CMS solutions with integrated features, modules, themes, plugins, and extensions to enhance existing solutions or create a brand new custom-tailored system that enables effective content and workflow management.

Open-Source CMS Solutions

We can develop a new open-source CMS solution, like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, or integrate customizable features and modifications within your current platform for added functionality, interoperability, and workflow efficiency.

Enterprise CMS Solutions

Our experienced engineers build custom enterprise-level CMS solutions designed to help enterprise-wide companies take full control over their content, SEO, and marketing campaigns on a centralized CMS platform.

Secure CMS Solutions

We offer headless CMS solutions secured with PCI, HIPAA, and other regulatory standards to ensure compliance, along with custom security and coding practices to prevent spam SEO, DDoS attacks, drive-by downloads, and data breaches.

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