Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram campaigns can use the same photos or video across both platforms or unique creative for each. When you’re ready to use Facebook and Instagram ads together, either add Instagram to an existing campaign by editing the ad set’s Placement settings or set up a new campaign across both platforms.

Types Of Facebook and Instagram Adds

image Ads

This is the easiest and the most effective way you can advertise on Facebook.
Essential: image ads should be attractive, effective, and easy to read and interpret. So you should pick it carefully.

If you want to create an Image Ad on Facebook, all you need to do is boost one of your existing posts, or you can create a new image in just a few clicks.

Here’s an example. If I want to promote this post, all I have to do is click “Boost Post”.

Dynamic Ads

This type of ads will promote products to people who have shown interest on your website, in your app, or elsewhere on the internet.

To be more precise, if someone has once ordered a product and canceled it afterward, he will receive in their Facebook feed ads for that particular product. These ads aim at closing sales.

Stories Ads

These ads are full-screen ads that are in vertical video format. They allow you to increase the image on the screen without needing for viewers to turn the screen. These types of ads are so useful, accessible, and reachable.

You can learn more about ads, in our free handbook, called “Everything on Facebook and Instagram Ads Champions ” – a complete handbook that covers everything brands should know about Facebook advertising.

Carousel Ads

These types of Instagram ads allow brands to use up to 10 images or videos, promoting the same product. This will keep the audience engaged in the same post for a longer time.

ANNA CORI, a fashion brand, is using Instagram Carousel Ads to promote its new bag collection.