LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads can be highly effective both for reaching a professional target audience or for B2B campaigns. LinkedIn, as you may already know, is the quintessential and professional social network on a global scale. With this said, make sure to dedicate a part of your budget towards advertising on LinkedIn!

what are LinkedIn ads ?

LinkedIn Ads is a paid marketing tool that offers access to LinkedIn social networks through various sponsored posts and other methods. Linkedin Ads is a powerful marketing tool for B2B companies to build leads, online recognition, share content, and more.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Text and Display Ads

LinkedIn’s text and display ads function much like a Google PPC ad would, except that each ad gets an image. You’ll see these ads pop up just about everywhere but in news feeds. They’ll display in people’s inboxes, as well as on the side and bottom of the LinkedIn homepage.For B2B’s, LinkedIn’s targeting can’t be beat. You can target ads to display to the key decision-makers you need on board to close a sale, and you can even target the specific companies you’re trying to sell to.

Sponsored Content

We mentioned above that LinkedIn text ads won’t display in news feeds. If you want to change that, sponsored content is what you’re looking for. LinkedIn sponsored content functions much like a boosted or sponsored post on Facebook. You choose which audience you’d like that post to display to, and it’ll show up in their feed with a small sponsored label under the title. This ad from Adocid is a good example of a standard sponsored ad. It looks just like any other post on LinkedIn, except for the Learn More CTA, and the small “promoted” tag right under their company name. 

Premium Display Advertising

You can also opt for LinkedIn’s premium display advertising if you need a little more real estate. These also make good opportunities if your digital marketing agency is experienced with LinkedIn advertising, and knows exactly what to do to get you the best ROI on these ads.Since Premium Display ads cost a little more, you’ll want to be sure your targeting is hyper-specific. Premium display ads will show up in full color (like this one from Northeastern) on either of LinkedIn’s side banners or in the long horizontal banners at the top and bottom of LinkedIn’s home page. 

InMail Ads

InMail advertising is another of LinkedIn’s offerings, and it’s a powerful tool for B2Bs who actively work and engage with others on the platform. This intuitive LinkedIn ad type lets you email any of LinkedIn’s 500 million users directly. These ads look like actual emails, which puts a personal touch when connecting you with your target audience. Just look at this one from LinkedIn themselves, letting me know about the platform’s job post capabilities.

Follow Company Ads

If your company is new to LinkedIn, and you’re hoping to build up your organic following, you can also invest in Follow Company ads. Similar to like campaigns on Facebook, these ads show up in users’ news feeds, encouraging targeted audiences to follow your company. This USPS Business ad shows what that looks like.

It’s imperative to have quality content for follow company ads, otherwise, people won’t be inclined to follow you. If you’re new to LinkedIn, your digital marketing agency can help you bulk up your platform with quality articles, posts, and shares before you begin that follow company ad. 


What Is LinkedIn Ads Manager?

LinkedIn Ads Manager is a tool allows you to create, launch, and measure the results of an ad campaign. This tool was designed to be used by anyone looking to set up a campaign, meaning that you don’t need a background in programing to use it. It is also available in 23 languages and you can create campaigns that will be shown internationally. 

Benefit of LinkedIn Ads

Great Reach

 LinkedIn ads have the potential of reaching your target audiences of professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts on a global scale.

Targeting with demographics

Once you know your potential audience persona, you can place targeted ads for specific audiences by filtering the pool by demographics- by age, education, industry, professional interests, and more.

Customizable budget

Among LinkedIn ads benefits, the main is the freedom to change the ad budget depending on the campaign’s performance.

Promote Your Products and Services

LinkedIn helps you promote your products and services to a specific target market to serve defined business goals.

Connect with your target audience directly

LinkedIn allows you to send customized content directly to significant target members. LinkedIn advertising benefits include improving interaction, engagement, and conversion.

Account-based marketing campaigns

Once the target audience is defined, your sales team can add a massive list of target accounts, and LinkedIn will identify members who match the accounts uploaded.

Create a variety of LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn allows you to create various ads such as Sponsored content, In-Mail, text ads, carousel ads, dynamic ads, and video ads.

Website Integration

You can easily integrate LinkedIn with your website or blogs and generate content on various social network sites