What is Node JS ?

Node.js is a single-threaded, open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for building fast and scalable server-side and networking applications. It runs on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine, and it uses event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture, which makes it efficient and suitable for real-time applications.

Main Features Of Node JS

  • Easy-Node.js is quite easy to start with. It’s a go-to choice for web development beginners. With a lot of tutorials and a large community—getting started is very easy.
  • Scalable—It provides vast scalability for applications. Node.js, being single-threaded, is capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput.
  • Speed—Non-blocking thread execution makes Node.js even faster and more efficient.
  • Packages—A vast set of open-source Node.js packages is available that can simplify your work. There are more than one million packages in the NPM ecosystem today. 
  • Strong backend—Node.js is written in C and C++, which makes it speedy and adds features like networking support.
  • Multi-platform—Cross-platform support allows you to create SaaS websites, desktop apps, and even mobile apps, all using Node.js.
  • Maintainable—Node.js is an easy choice for developers since both the frontend and backend can be managed with JavaScript as a single language.

Node JS Development Services

Create Custom Node.js Application

We build Node js applications to develop real-time web and mobile apps, desktop apps, and more to gain business advantage.

Node.js API Development Services

Extend the functionality of the web applications to achieve your key goals with NodeJS API integration services.

Node.js Plugin Development Services

We develop & integrate custom NodeJS plugins to enhance the functionalities of the client's website and ensure optimum performance.

Node.js Consulting Services

Our highly experienced Node js consultants help understand businesses & envision Node.js web application development services.

Create Backend Dashboards

We help you to create a backend for the web with Node jS dashboard tailored for your needs.

Create Enterprise Web Application

Node.js flexibility combined with our expertise can be used to create enterprise web apps providing real-time feedback to users.

Custom Your Product as per Your requirement