What is PHP ?

PHP- Hypertext Preprocessor is the server-side scripting language. It is one of the fundamental web technologies, with a majority of websites using this language. PHP includes several precise functions and outstanding features that allow businesses to create feature-rich web pages and database-driven sites.

PHP Framework


Laravel is a popular and extensive PHP framework known for its elegant syntax. It has plenty of features and built-in functions that make it a solid tool to customize complex apps. Its functions include user authentication, session management, and caching.


Symfony is a highly flexible PHP framework that uses a modular component system. You can choose from over 50 reusable PHP components for your project. If you only need a little help, you can decide which modules to use instead of relying on the whole library.


CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework with a total size of less than 1.2 MB. CodeIgniter is flexible, offering both MVC and non-MVC design patterns. Bigger developer teams can speed up the development process with its MVC architecture, while smaller ones or independent developers can code without employing it.

Laminas Project

Laminas’s PHP framework is an object-oriented and MVC-based framework that enables you to load only the components you want as individual libraries. In addition, the components and the MVC framework follow enterprise development guidelines, making them suitable for complex web applications.


Even though CakePHP is the first PHP MVC framework created, it’s still one of the best available. This platform uses the convention over configuration approach, which means that it has sets of coding guidelines that every user has to follow. While it can take time to master these conventions, they foster a more uniform coding environment for improved collaboration.


Yii is a feature-rich PHP framework and one of the easiest to set up, thanks to its extensive documentation and helpful starting guide. When it comes to performance, this framework is on par with Phalcon. Yii offers a robust set of features and supports various extensions to speed up web application development. For example, it supports the Gii code generator for model, CRUD operation, and module creation.

Fat-Free Framework

Fat-Free Framework, or F3, is a straightforward PHP framework. Its codebase is only 65 KB, and the framework is modular, allowing you to only use the necessary code. Getting started requires only a web server and a copy of Fat-Free Framework. The framework doesn’t need complex configuration, such as setting up Composer, curl, or a complex directory structure.

Main Feature of PHP

  • Open Source Software – As the PHP source code is available freely on the web, you can create all the versions of PHP based on your requirement free of cost.
  • performance -The PHP scripts can execute much faster than those scripts developed in other languages like ASP & JSP.
  • Platform Independent  – As PHP is available for MAC, Linux, Windows, and UNIX, an application developed on one OS can be effortlessly run on other OS as well.
  • Embedded –You can embed PHP code within the HTML script and tags.

PHP Development Services

PHP Web Development

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