Solana Blockchain Development

Solana is a high-performing and fast-developing blockchain with superior scalability. As a protocol, it supports the development of different types of smart contracts for powering dApps like P2P lending systems, NFT marketplaces, Wallets, DEXs, and much more

Embracing the Web 3.0 with Solana Blockchain Development

The Proof of History consensus mechanism creates historical records as a provenance of the transaction time. It uses a high-frequency verifiable delay function. The function requires a specific number of sequential steps for evaluation. Every node on the Solana blockchain has a cryptographic clock that tracks the ordering of events thereby allowing high throughput & efficiency on the ecosystem.

After years of experience in developing scalable and secured blockchain platforms, Antier has honed its expertise in Solana development services.

What technology stack does Solana use?

The five fundamental breakthroughs that make up Solana’s extremely performant blockchain are:



Tower BFT




Our Solana Blockchain Development Services

With Solana blockchain development, 19loops is delivering high levels of scalability by leveraging POH for a range of DEFi products. As a leading blockchain development company, 19loops holds strong foundation with layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains.

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Benefits of Solana Blockchain Development

Unlike other blockchains, Solana doesn’t have stringent requirements to become a validator. It eliminates all entry-barriers to participation and increases the chances of reaping rewards from the network.

The blockchain also has a more scalable smart contracts than Ethereum. It uses the Rust programming language that ensures faster processing. The Solana blockchain is capable of supporting over 50 000 transactions per second (TPS) at peak load, making it arguably the fastest blockchain in operation today. For comparison: it is almost 1000 times faster than Bitcoin (~ 5-7 TPS) and over 3000 times faster than Ethereum (~ 15 TPS)